Orale Chirurgie und Kieferorthopädie

The Division of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics comprises two main dental specialties: oral surgery and orthodontics. Care for the patients entrusted to us, education and research are tightly interwoven. Students are involved in patient care.

Through direct integration of research, we can guarantee evidence-based patient care and education. We work in a state-of-the-art environment. The latest technology is available in patient care as well as teaching and training. In the area of oral surgery, the clinical emphasis is on microsurgery, endodontic surgery, tooth transplantation, implant surgery and tissue regeneration as well as treatment for patients with special needs or medical conditions. In orthodontics, our focus is on therapy for severe malocclusion of the teeth and jaw. Especially in cases involving malformations and syndromes, we can fall back on our special expertise. In most cases, these patients receive well-coordinated interdisciplinary care from the specialty areas within our division as well as from the hospital divisions and even colleagues with private practices.

Norbert Jakse

"In the spirit of holistic medical care, we work together with other dental and medical disciplines to provide our patients with interdisciplinary treatment in oral surgery as well as orthodontics. Continuously integrated innovative research projects ensure outstanding expertise in patient care and education."

Norbert Jakse, Head of Division


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